Rachel Raise and Shine

Hey there!

I'm Rachel. I love mornings. After my first cup of coffee, of course. And it really is better if that cup is brought to me in bed, preferably by my very handsome husband. And also my children should still be asleep. I'm not asking too much, am I? Maybe freshly washed sheets? No, that may be taking it a bit far. 

More than just a hot cup of coffee, mornings for me are the chance to start a new day. No matter the day (or night) before, I love the quiet space a morning brings to think, refresh, plan, dream, and prepare.  As the sun begins to shine, it's now my turn to greet the day and start shining.

What does this day look like for me? It's a healthy (and admittedly sometimes not so healthy) balance of raising myself, raising my children, and raising my community. Wake up. Play. Cook. Create. Laugh. Cry. Sweat. Think. Pray. Share. Love. Snuggle. Survive. Shine. Repeat. Some days are better than others but through it all I promise to keep raising and shining!

My Statement of Belief 

I believe each morning is a fresh start and I believe hot coffee is step one. I believe in setting goals. I believe in learning and growing from the struggles and celebrating the strengths. I believe in love of God, in love of every individual, and especially in love for our own self. I believe in raising our children to live up to their greatest potential. But I believe this begins with rising up to my own potential. I believe there is a creative in each of us and this is fulfilled in the daily pursuit of a life well lived. 

It is here that I will share my story, my insights in child development and my creative pursuits, my highs and my lows of this parenting journey, through honest self-discovery and celebration of life, so that you may feel inspired and encouraged to believe in your own inner creative, to raise your children to their greatest potential by first raising up to your own.  

It is here that I will take each day to celebrate the creative inside both child and self so that we can all raise and shine.

Because creativity is more than just art.

It is about teaching and learning. It is about leading and following. It is about challenging and encouraging.

It is about raising and shining.

My Story



I was born and raised in Kansas, fell in love at Valparaiso University, found my vocation in Chicago, started my family in a little apartment in the big city, followed adventure to Austin, Texas, and wake up every morning to two kiddos, one dog, and one handsome fella. I have a Masters in Child Development and spent my pre-children stage of life helping the families of young children. Now with the chance to care for my own, I am learning how to apply this knowledge to every day life. 

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